From Latin labyrinthus, although with more remote origin in the Greek language, labyrinth is a space created artificially with various streets and crossroads so that the person that goes into it is confused and fails to find the exit .

Labyrinths date back to very old times. Representations of square mazes and rectangular in tombs of Ancient Egypt while the circular labyrinths arose at the end of 7th century BC .

In ancient times, labyrinths were built as a trap so that you cannot easily enter or leave a place. The medieval labyrinths, meanwhile, symbolized the path of man toward God . In modern times, however, labyrinths are created for landscape or playful reasons.

One of the most famous mazes in history is the Labyrinth of Crete , mentioned in the mythology Greek This construction, designed by Labyrinth at the request of king minos , allowed to keep his son imprisoned Minotaur . Theseus managed to get into the maze and kill the Minotaur .

The representation of the labyrinths has become a game that appears in many children's magazines. Children should start a stroke at the entrance to the maze and continue until they find the exit.

In a symbolic sense, the notion of labyrinth refers to that confusing and fuzzy . For example: "The Argentine team was trapped in the defensive maze proposed by the local team", "For researchers, the case is a true maze in which the exit is hidden behind a tangle of lies".

There are mazes that congregate thousands of people every year in many parts of the world; Below are some of them:

Dole Plantation

It is the longest maze on the planet, located in the Dole pineapple plantation in Hawaii. In its extension you can see more than 11 thousand native and tropical plants, along 4.82 kilometers. The company Responsible for its creation, Dole, is primarily engaged in fruit planting.


This French maze, which holds the title of the largest in the world designed entirely with plants, it is situated in a field of sunflowers. Each year, sunflowers are planted in the field on which their enigmatic walls are erected and during spring they bloom to create a new maze. Tens of thousands of people have visited it since 1996.

Cherry crest

In the North American State of Pennsylvania there is the leisure center called Cherry Crest, the adventure farm, where it is possible to travel a complicated maze of 3.2 kilometers of extension. Its design is so difficult that two guides constantly tour it to assist the brave tourists.

Snakes and Ladders

Machael Blee, a 62-year-old English entrepreneur, spent months creating an impressive maze inspired by the mythical board game Snakes and Ladders, on the Gore farm, in Kent County. In your case, it is not the first time you embark on the design of a structure of these characteristics, but the tenth. Its surface covers about 6 hectares and its walls are hedges of almost 3 meters high.


This labyrinth is one of the oldest gardens in Australia, and has been entertaining its visitors for more than three decades, allowing itself to grow and evolve.

Hampton Court

Located in Britain, the Hampton Court labyrinth was created in 1689 and is one of the oldest on the island, although it is not as large as others. One of the details that makes it especially attractive is that it appears in a large number of novels Classic